Vitamin Greens, we will help NASA send astronauts to Mars 2030

We will help NASA send astronauts to Mars 2030 mission at peak performance and solve vitamin nutrition gaps through personalized vertically farmed whole food on Earth.


A challenge to live longer and prosper

Discover our revolutionary plan to create Vitamin Greens produce, fresh lettuce cultivated in vertical agriculture with a personalized vitamin composition that keeps the brain at peak performance.



Vitamin Greens, Impact on Mars

Impact on Mars

Vitamin Greens & NASA will grow astronauts food, personalized to their unique biomarkers, keeping their brain focused at peak performance before, during and after the mission so they never feel “Spaced Out”!

Vitamin Greens, Impact on Earth

Impact on Earth

Vitamin Greens will improve brain performance solving your vitamin nutrition gaps through personalized vertically farmed whole food. Join the Mars Health Revolution today!


Vitamin Greens, Health Data

Health Data

Your smartphone connects your approved personal data, a recent blood test report, and your favorite health tracking apps with our AI-powered Vitamin Greens app.

Vitamin Greens, Vitamin Greens APP

Vitamin Greens APP

Our app will use your daily eye photo against your biomarkers and health metrics to predict your nutrition needs and set your personalized grow algorithm.

Vitamin Greens, Vertical Agriculture System

Vertical Agriculture System

The vertical agriculture systems with controlled artificial lighting, big and small scale, will actually grow unique produce cultivated specifically for you.

Vitamin Greens, AI Algorithm

AI Algorithm

The AI algorithm will fine-tune the plant vitamin content at harvest using a picture of the leaf from the app and communicating with our R&D team.


Welcome to Vitamin Greens Boombi for Mars Astronauts, a portable, modular vertical wi-fi enabled grow system.

Vitamin Greens, Operations on Mars


Details of the research to obtain unique produce using the light spectrum to adjust plants.

Vitamin Greens, Research on Earth


Real dream. Real science. Real people.


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Join Tester Community Alpha!For Every tester that joins a no cost Mars Boombi will go to a student with ADHD in a food desert. You will receive:(1) Mars Boombi Home System(2) All the supplies you need to grow Vitamin Greens(3) Access to our AI-powered App and R+D Researchers! As a tester you will grow Vitamin Greens for you and your family to enjoy, while contributing data to our team to prepare for the Mars 2030 mission! Turn your unique biomarkers into your brain superpower by engineering your own vertically farmed food at home or picked up from your local supermarket. You’ll give the astronauts proof, while helping students in food deserts improve their brain performance and increase their math marks.

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